The city of Dubai

The city of Dubai is also well known for its impressive and attractive display of architecture, which cannot be seen at any other city on the planet. You can find the most stunning natural displays at Dubai along with the world’s famous seven star hotels like Burj al-Arab and few worlds’ tallest buildings like Emirates Towers and the Pentominium. Apart from these beloved scenic environment and mile-high skyscrapers at Dubai, you can also find the top 10 things to be done at Dubai that are very much interesting.
1.) The Beaches – Dubai is known as the home of beaches, which has the purest white sand all over the shores along with the deep blue colored waters hitting the shore with a pleasant sound. So you can easily enjoy your vacation at Dubai by lounging around the beach the whole day with your friends and family.
2.) Shopping – Shopping is the best thing that people would love to spend their time. So when you check out at Dubai, you will find different shopping malls and centers scattered all over Dubai that gives you a good shopping experience. Luxury malls like Mall of the Emirates and Deira City Centre are available and you can easily barter with salesman to get the best product for best price. When you reach Dubai during the first month of the year then don’t forget to drop-in at the most famous shopping festivals of the year.
3.) Hot Air Balloon Rides – The hot air balloon rides are very famous at Dubai. You can enjoy watching the entire tropical landscape being disintegrated into the surrounding desert from air, at a distance of hundreds of feet from the land. This ride experience will be a breathtaking experience when you view the entire city from a very high position.

4.) Dune Bashing – Enjoy a special ride on the sand dunes by hiring a luxurious SUV (with an experienced driver) that also includes a luxury dinner after the exhilarating ride.
5.) Golf – Being a desert landscape you cannot afford to have a green grass land to hit the golf ball, but you can join a world-class golf course and enjoy a different sand golf game.
6.) Wild Wadi – Wild Wadi is nothing but the well known water park of Dubai that is traditionally designed. You can find different water rides and water surfing in this wet and wild adventurous park.
7.) Live Music – You can find many musical acts listed at your residing hotels and you can also find the hottest recording artists who schedule their tour to Dubai very often.
8.) Skiing – There is a bona fide ski slope that is available at the world famous shopping mall, «Mall of the Emirates», which is an indoor slope. With manmade snow, you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding within the complex.
9.) Cruise the Creek – A creek splits Dubai right down the middle that is responsible for the growth and location of the city. So you can gently glide along the creek and enjoy a delicious meal at the Dinner Cruise that is available.
10.) Dining – Dining is very special at Dubai, where you can find the best taste meal at every restaurants and hotels. Starting from inexpensive dining, Shwarma, to the royal expensive dining like Legends Steakhouse or Khazana, you can enjoy the real feast at Dubai.

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