Dubai is one of the fastest developing countries in the whole world. The United Arab Emirates has plenty of things to offer to tourists who want to spend their time and money there. If you go there, you will have the time of your life. The sheik of Dubai has invested many millions of dollars in the tourism infrastructure. This nation has faster become a paradise for tourist. It has many exclusive hotels and resorts. This article will present you some popular things that you can do there. So read carefully and have fun.
Jumeirah Beach
If you like white sand beaches with a tropical surrounding, you will love the Jumeirah beach. On this beach there are many activities both for individuals and families too. You can dive, do wind surfing, fish, snorkel or take a jet ski ride.
Wild Wadi Water Park
This park is one of the most popular parks and attractions in the whole Dubai. It is a top place to visit. The park has 23 slides that give you the entertainment that you want. It is quite close to the Jumeirah beach and the Jumeirah hotel.
In Dubai you one can find everything for anything. Visit this top shopping destination and you will find unique stores wit handcrafted items or large shopping malls where you can indulge and spend your money. The annual shopping festival gives everybody the chance for large discounts in all the stores.

You can also do some skiing in Dubai. They have a big indoor arena where you can exercise your skiing abilities. It is perfect for people who do snowboarding too because the facilities are great.
Desert Safari
A holiday in the desert is not complete without a desert safari. There are many safari tours available. The safari consists in riding a jeep through the desert.
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