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Dubai travel guide useful city information Employers and Workforce in Dubai – United Arab Emirates (UAE)
United Arab Emirates economy booming years after years. We have seen major organizations and companies moving to UAE and paricularly to the city of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, open their branches and offices. This including start up new businesses. This booming activities brought intense competition of getting qualified and UAE experienced employees in the market.
Recently the UAE new labour law came into effect to make sure greater labour flexibility in the private business sector and as part of the ongoing reforms which Ministry of Labour perform to enhance business community in the UAE.   The new rules permit a worker to move from one company to another after completing of two years with former employer without a ban or travel back to the home country as was practised before. T his new law brought positive impact to both employees and employers in the UAE. The law grant employees to move freely and change employers and have better opporunities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other cities within the country.
The new law is indeed brought flexibility to employers from different sectors which allows them to get the benefit of qualified employees who are available within the country instead of hiring from the foreign countries, this will results in reducing the cost of recruitment.

Therefore, you as employer in the UAE or from any other country around the globe, your workforce requirements increase and getting qualified applicants for the vacant posts in your organization is becoming high and almost impossible to get one to fill in.
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