If you’re looking to spend your time in Dubai in luxury then you’re going to need to stay at one of the five star hotels. Whether you’re visiting Dubai for a vacation or you’re on business you will find that the five star hotels will be able to accommodate to anything and everything you need. To stay in one of the five star hotels in Dubai you’re going to be looking at paying anywhere from $250+ a night although there are some deals to be made depending on who you book it through. We’re going to share with you some of the popular five star hotels in Dubai now as voted by tourists who have stayed in the hotels.
• Atlantis  Dubai is probably one of the top five hotels in Dubai due to several factors including the architecture, views and the superb rooms. Whether you’re staying in one of the guest rooms or suites you’ll have a lot of room and an excellent view. The hotel is massive and when it’s lit up at night looks simply stunning.
• Emirates Tower Hotel is the number one hotel in Dubai if you’re visiting on business. The hotel is located in the middle of the business district so you’ll be in a great central location. The Emirates Hotel in Dubai is remarkable and you can’t miss it. It’s the tallest tower in the area and is a staple of the economic success Dubai has obtained over the past few decades.
• Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai is the ideal five star hotel in Dubai if you enjoy the water and outdoors. The hotel has its own private beach and you’re within walking distance to some of the best tourist attractions that Dubai has to offer. You will be in close proximity to the man made island, Wadi Waterpark and several massive shopping malls.
• Palm Tree Court & Spa in Dubai is nestled away from all the hustle and bustle that takes place in the inner-city. This hotel is tucked away on 128 acres of landscaped gardens and is the perfect relaxing gateway for any couple who just want a break from daily life. It’s also located right next to a sea so you will have some pretty incredible views from certain rooms.

Sofitel City Centre Hotel is attached to the City Centre Shopping which is one of the busiest shopping centres in the world. One of the most famous golf courses in India is also a minute away from the hotel, so make sure you bring your golf clothes and shoes. The hotel offers superb guest rooms which are maintained with the best furnishings.
There are lots of five star hotels in Dubai and these are just a few of them. I would advise checking them all out so you can decide which hotel has the amenities that you’re looking for. You should also consider the locations of the hotels though and make sure they’re going to be in a central location for your vacation or business trip.
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